Saturday, April 12, 2014

The girl in the band

I'm the girl in the band.

If you've ever seen us, you know which one I am. I'm not the only one with long hair, but I am a little smaller than the other two, and my voice is higher - though Joe can hit a lot of the same notes I can!

I've been in this band for six years now, and it's been fantastic. I hope for another 60. Well, actually that's not true, because I'd be really old by then, and I don't want to be that super-old lady who can't really sing anymore, but she just keeps getting on stage, and it's sad more than inspirational. But I do hope we've still got a lot of great years in us.

That said, there a few challenges associated with being the girl in the band - things like having to do a lot more primping to get ready for a show (Johnny can be ready in about 15 minutes, and I think Joe usually just rolls out of bed) and not being able to lift some of the gear. The biggest challenge for me, though, is the fact that men feel completely at ease giving me criticism.