Friday, May 27, 2016

What a difference a year makes

The weather forecasts say El Nino is on its way out, and La Nina is headed in, meaning we're in for a dry summer. After a record drought (finally busted by last year's rains - and flooding), I hesitate to say that we welcome some dry weather, but the truth is, we're water-logged in the Lone Star State, and frankly, we're starting to get moldy. We could use a break. And as a band that plays mostly outdoors, we wouldn't mind some dry weather.

Despite the continued rain, 2016 has been much kinder to us than 2015 was, though. Last year, it seemed like we couldn't catch a break. The whole week could be dry, and then as soon as we had an outdoor show, the rain would roll in.

Of course, it's raining. Why wouldn't it be? We have a show.
We lost a lot of money on cancelled shows, and we really started feeling like we'd pissed off some god somewhere that we didn't know about. 2015 was not our year.