Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Splinters - they suck

It's been a challenging month and a half, which is partly why it's been so long since I've posted. I (Suzy) got a cold in late March that left me with very little voice for our gigs in late March and early April. Around the time I finally got my voice back, Johnny and Joe both got colds. They started feeling improvement, but weren't fully healed when...I got another cold. Seriously.

It's killin' me.

You'd think that would be enough of a challenge, but no, there was more. On Friday night, we were setting up for our monthly gig at Junior's. We perform outside on a wooden deck, and as I was opening one of the guitar cases, I managed to get a splinter - a serious hunk of wood that lodged deep under a fingernail on my left hand (the hand I hold down strings with on the neck of the guitar). Behold the splinter in its unfortunate position under the nail of my middle finger:

Note that the splinter is pushed well below the white part of my nail. So, there was no pulling it out at that point. I had to perform the whole show with this piece of wood lodged under my nail.