Sunday, September 15, 2013

To cover or not to cover

As a working band, one of the things that often comes up when we're talking to people about our band is whether we are an "original band" or a "cover band." The answer seems to be very important to some people. Those people need to decide how to feel about you before they've heard you. Those people decide whether you are a "real" musician based solely on whether you write and perform your own music or someone else's.

I find this an interesting, and wholly unfair, judgement.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Live on-air!

We took a couple of weeks off, so I've been a little slow to post about this, but just before our vacation, we had the pleasure of participating in our first live radio in-studio appearance!

A while back, our good friend Bill Paige with KDRP asked if we'd like to join him on his "Friday Free For All" show sometime - do a little interview, play a song or two - and after thinking for a half a second (long enough to digest what he'd offered), we shouted, "We'd love to!!"

And on August 16, we did.