Monday, July 6, 2015

The freedom to be drunk and disorderly

It's a poorly kept secret that the 4th of July is Johnny's favorite holiday. And it's also well known that his favorite thing in the world is to perform. So, if we can line up a 4th of July gig - his favorite thing on his favorite day - Johnny is one happy rock star.

So, you can imagine how happy he was this year when we were able to book gigs for both July 3 (Independence Day Eve) AND July 4.

The July 3 gig, our monthly First Friday residence at Junior's Grill and Icehouse in Round Rock, went well. The weather was nice and the crowd was good, except for one table that seemed to have a bad attitude - one girl, actually. She was with a group of people at a table right by the stage, which is always fun for the band. You really want the hostile people right up front where they can glare at you unobstructed.