Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Strange is live!

The glorious day has arrived - our new CD, Strange, is now live online and available worldwide!

This CD has been two years in the making, we are SUPER proud of it. Aside from blood, sweat and tears, a whole lot of vocals, guitar and percussion went into this album (and even some strings). Just look at some of the awesome instruments we got to play with when we were recording:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The nudie post

Okay, so apparently if you tell people you have a nudie story, they want to hear it. So, here goes.

The year was 2009. We were a four-piece called Johnny Austin back then: Johnny, Suzy, Joe and the handsome and talented David Henry on guitar (before he went on to have a successful career in IT - whatever, man).

Johnny answered an ad someone had placed looking for a band to play their community Labor Day party. They responded, said they'd checked out our music online and liked us, and they could pay our fee, but there was one thing we needed to know about their community: they were nudists.